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But what if it actually means this?

Allowed sender addresses

Only the addresses listed below are allowed to post to your account via the email gateway. If no addresses are listed, you won't be able to post via the email gateway. We'll send errors only to the address(es) you've selected.

A "confirmed email address", as I understand it, is not the same thing as an "allowed sender" address. If I'm to take both pages at face value, you cannot post by email without 1) having a confirmed email address *and* 2) listing an "allowed sender" address on that one page, yet nowhere does any page state that you'll need to complete both tasks before you can post by email.

edit Forgot to add that other than trying to figure out what's meant by "confirmed" as opposed to "approved", and why it isn't mentioned on any one page that both sorts of email addresses are needed, that your idea is good - it should be a dropdown for confirmed addresses, imo.

I looked at the HTML in Web Dev's live HTML editor, thinking I'd try my hand at the dropdown box myself, and while the little checkboxes are lining up OK for me, I can see why they might not for some people, since the HTML seems a little inconsistent.

From the bug: * maybe make it a table so we can dispense with all that repeated text?

It's already a table, so that might be a problem. :)

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