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Jewelfox ([personal profile] jewelfox) wrote in [site community profile] dw_design 2012-02-01 10:00 am (UTC)

Here's a photo of a horrible sketch of a mockup, that I took instead of scanning it because my mate's sleeping right now. >.>

It replaces the text at the top with just "Email posting options," because those are the only options available there right now. The descriptive text just reads "You can post to your Dreamwidth journal by email." The link to the help text could go right after that if needed.

After that, it's divided into two sections with bold headers:

"First, confirm your email address." And below that, "A confirmation email will be sent to this address." The AJAXed dialog underneath includes a text entry box with gray example text, and underneath that it reads "Also send: Error reports?" and "Summary of posting instructions?" with a checkbox after each question mark.

A button underneath that dialog reads "Add another?" and creates a new, identical dialog when pressed.

"Second, choose a PIN number." The 'number' part there is probably redundant, but oh well. Below that, it reads "You'll email your posts to an address which includes this number." The AJAXed dialog reads "Email posts to: yourname(replace with the person's username)+ [text entry box]", and the help text underneath reads "Hints: Use letters and numbers! Make it longer than four characters!"

A button underneath that is labeled "Confirm," and below the button (far enough away that it's not seen as being a part of the form) is a link to "Advanced Setup Options". I also put the link to more detailed instructions down there, but it can go at the top beside the main help text if needed, maybe as just "More instructions ... "

Sorry for the poor-quality mockup. I need to learn an actual graphics program someday. >.>;;

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